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BOOKMARK: 12 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss When Booking Coron Tour Packages

Coron remains one of the best destinations to let you discover the beauty of the Philippines’ islands. From white sand beaches to historic diving spots, the island offers an adventure-packed holiday, gifting travelers the best combination of picturesque natural attractions and unique experiences. When availing of Coron tour packages, make sure that these attractions are included in your itinerary: 

12 Must-Visit Attractions When Booking Coron Tour Packages  

Did you know there are plenty of spots to discover when you book a Coron island hopping tour? This includes Coron Island, Busuanga Island, and 50 other islets waiting to be explored. Here are some you shouldn’t miss: 

1. Kayangan Lake 

Your enchanting Coron experience isn’t complete without visiting Kayangan Lake. It’s one home to the postcard-like view of the Coron’s towering karst cliffs, which you have to work hard for. You need to go on a short hike or climb exactly 360 stairs to get a panoramic view of the bay. Hope that your lungs and legs don’t give out, and treat yourself to a refreshing dip in its waters once you descend the iconic viewpoint. 

2. Twin Lagoon 

Just five minutes away, Twin Lagoon is Kayangan Lake’s less crowded neighbor. This staple in Coron Palawan tour packages offers stunning views and more water activities for tourists, including kayaking. Getting to the lagoon is a different experience, as you’ll have to swim during low tide or walk a scenic boardwalk during high tide. The lagoons also have seawater and freshwater, which is a unique swimming experience: the former has warm water while the latter has colder water temperature. 

There are two lagoons to explore here, so take your time to see them. 

3. Barracuda Lake 

Also known as Luluyuan Lake, Barracuda Lake is one of Coron’s spots and has an interesting story. It was named so after locals found the barracuda skeleton in its waters. When you’re lucky enough, you might even spot the elusive fish! Don’t worry about getting attacked or bitten; they don’t usually approach humans. 

Diving in Barracuda Lake’s waters is also a unique experience, as it’s known for having thermocline waters—where warm and cold water meet. 

4. Siete Pecados Marine Park 

You don’t need to sail far to dive into the rich marine life in Coron. Nestled just a few minutes from Coron’s coastline is Siete Pecados Marine Park, which has seven islets home to many coral and fish species. This park is beginner-friendly, too; you only need a life vest and snorkeling gear to ease into the island’s stunning underwater heaven. Remember, you’re just getting started! 

5. Cathedral Cave 

When visiting Cathedral Cave, you must dive deep to emerge into a breathtaking limestone formation. As its name suggests, this diving spot features a towering cave that resembles a cathedral’s ceiling. It starts with a six-meter dive leading to an underwater tunnel, where you descend another 12 meters. It used to be an enclosed cave, but a side of its roof collapsed, allowing sunlight to enter. Just imagine its spotlight-like effect – it must be a cathartic experience for divers. 

However, entering this dive site is only safe when the water is calm. 

6. Okikawa Maru 

This one’s for history buffs, as Okikawa Maru is Coron’s most popular and largest shipwreck. It was a tanker that sunk in 1944, amid the Second World War, due to an American air raid. You must dive 25 meters to explore the wreck, and it’ll take two dives to see it. It’s also a beginner-friendly dive for beginners – it’s only a shallow 12-meter dive if you stay outside the wreck and only want to see the tanker. 

7. Banul Beach 

Banul Beach welcomes its visitors with powdery white sand, a hut-lined shoreline, and crystal blue waters. It’s a popular stop for lunch during island hopping tours – good food and views are the perfect combination for a memorable holiday. 

8. Malcapuya Island 

If you’re looking for a less crowded beach in Coron,  the two-hour boat ride from town will be worth it. This idyllic beach boasts clear waters, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and observing marine life. While tourists usually include this in an island hopping tour or a day tour destination, some like to stay to go camping overnight. 

9. Ditaytayan Beach 

When you head to Ditaytayan Beach, make sure you’re ready for a serious photo session. This gorgeous island has three beaches and sand bars, which locals like to call “Long Beach.” 10. Maquinit Hot Springs 

Did you know that Maquinit Hot Springs is one of the few saltwater hot springs in the world? After a day of island hopping or trekking, rest your tired muscles and dip into its hot waters. It’s an experience not to be missed as it’s the only of its kind in the Philippines. 

Maquinit Hot Springs also has mangrove trees you can explore. It’s ideal to go here to watch the sunset. As you take a relaxing dip, witness the sky turn into vibrant hues with Coron’s “sleeping giant” in the background. 

11. Mt. Tapyas View Deck 

It’s not only in Kayangan Lake, where you’ll get a breathtaking bay view. Head to Mt. Tayapas View Deck to feel you’re on top of the world. There’s no wonder why Mt. Tapyas remains a top destination in Coron tours packages. Sure, it’ll take 720 steps, more than Kayangan Lake’s, to reach the viewpoint, but trust that the view will be rewarding. 

12. Calauit Safari Park 

There’s no need to head abroad to have a safari experience when you can do so in Calauit Safari Park. Nestled off the coast of Palawan, Caluit is a 3,700-hectare game reserve and wildlife sanctuary. It’s home to over a thousand animals, from giraffes and zebras to the Calamian deer. Visitors get to feed and interact with them, too, making it an ideal activity for kids. 


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